How to do kitchen remodeling on a budget in Houston?

Embarking on a home renovation is nerve-racking and exciting at the same time. To make it less stressful or nerve-wracking you may follow certain tips to kitchen remodeling given here. When you want to renovate the kitchen, the average cost of doing so may be a range of 12% – 18% of the value of your home. You may save some money if you follow some remodeling tips in a budget.

For kitchen remodeling Houston, a grand plan is required under any condition. If you are replacing or painting cabinets, replacing countertops, don’t think of this without a kitchen remodeling contractor. He can assist in creating the entire renovation plan and by doing so can save time and money. He can suggest different ways of saving money and how to do the renovation within your budget. Get the list of products that need to be procured.


Avoid making any costly mistake

A homeowner can create additional expenses during a kitchen renovation if they make unforeseeable amateur costly mistakes. Consider your renovation investment before choosing any kind of remodeling work for the kitchen. Simplest of kitchen remodeling can cost one around $10,000-$30,000 while the entire makeover can cost around $80,000-$150,000. If you have a realistic budget for renovation, you should also include incorporating new energy efficient appliances and fixtures. Research your neighborhood property values before finalizing any kind of renovation. Set the investment budget accordingly. On the other hand, don’t make the mistake of modernizing the kitchen which is more than 100 years old. Each era has its own architecture and it is better to stick to that.

Repaint the cabinets to save money

New cabinets in the kitchen will have a huge impact on your kitchen renovation budget. To save money on Houston kitchen remodeling, paint the old cabinets in bright white shade of color. White paint may infuse fresh life into old or outdated cabinets. You can get the cabinets primed and then painted in white shade. Choose white and glossy paint for the cabinets and also replace the fixtures and hardware to give a fresh look. Changing the doors of kitchen cabinets can also create a brand new look. Buy the style of doors that suit the overall design and see how it transforms the appeal. It is the best way to change the whole appearance of the cabinets at a fraction of cost.

Use proper lights to add a wow factor

The use of better lighting solutions and lighting fixtures in the kitchen can change the whole appearance of the kitchen and give it a new dimension. To create an element of style in the kitchen, you can hang pendant lights. Make sure that the lighting is bright and mainly concentrated in the areas of cooking. You want the light for your food prep and cooking area to be bright and substantial. Under-cabinet lighting can also have huge impact on the overall décor.

Use the existing plumbing wherever possible

This is also the reason to summon a kitchen designer. To save money try and use the existing plumbing system supply lines and waste lines. If not required changing the plumbing supply and waste lines can account for a substantial portion of the entire plumbing budget.

Stone or solid surface counter tops won’t cost you too much

If the budget for kitchen renovation is limited, visit the granite supply yard or check the prices of alternative solid surface products. Doing so can help to save a lot of money. If you are on a thin renovation budget for the countertops, you are sure to find good deals at the clearance yard. On the other hand, don’t waste any of the remnants left after renovation. From the remnant granite pieces, you may make cutting board, roll out inserts.

Trends do matter in home renovation

With regards to kitchen remodeling, one might find something new every time. Trends keep on changing and if you want to add to the value of your property, try to embrace them. There are inexpensive versions available for those things you want in the kitchen.

What needs to be factored in?

There are certain things to be factored in when doing the renovation. They are kitchen counter space, pantry, cabinets and built-ins. Built-in facilities can save space in the kitchen. With built-in facilities that hold kitchen appliances, your kitchen looks less cluttered.

Increase the efficiency of your old kitchen with kitchen remodel Houston. Use proper storage cabinets to hide the kitchen items. Include as much cabinets in the design as possible. You may also get suitable advices on kitchen renovation from your contractor.



Benefits of Having a Modular Kitchen

With the kitchen being the busiest part of a house, it is important that it should be functional and easy to work in. No one can deny the benefits of having everything organized at the same place. It makes things easy to access and cuts back down on the time used on searching for things.


Having a modular kitchen Houston has the following advantages.

Assembling is easy
Modular kitchens are flexible because any part can be easily removed or fixed without affecting the other parts easily.

Improved Functionality
The well designed cabinetry, the easy to access work spaces, and brilliant designs make for an improved and streamlined experience.

Maximize space
The layout of modular kitchens are designed in a way to maximize space. With well designed cabinets and everything more space can be utilized.

Cost factor
With a high end modular kitchen you can expect a sizeable expenditure. But modular kitchens are available over a wide range of price options. Thus, this will help you to choose a combination that will fit your requirements and also your budget limitations. Initially, you could try settling for the basic and then add more modules over time. This also adds to the flexibility factor of modular kitchens.
If you prefer a luxurious high-end modular kitchen in Houston then that is also available. You could have everything installed at once to save from recurrent expenditures in the future.

Neat and Tidy appearance
Modular kitchens have a neat and tidy appearance as there are a lot of storage options available. This helps in making the space look de-cluttered, thereby giving it a clean appearance. This also adds to the increased efficiency of the place.

Earlier homeowners used to hire carpenters to have their kitchens designed at the home itself. This created a lot of inconvenience and was also very time-consuming. With modular kitchens, they are made at the warehouse and then fitted in your house thereby making it a quick process.

Smart Designs
With modular kitchens in Houston you do not have to worry about the designs. They are assembled in such a way that you can store items that are most frequently used in convenient locations. Furthermore the kitchen will be segregated into separate areas for cooking and cleaning. The smart thing about these features are that they are subtle and at the same time they are functional.

Maintenance Factor
A space that is well designed is easy to maintain. This is especially true in the case of modular kitchens. The kitchens have an ideal layout, and the cabinets and gadgets have easy accessibility. Moreover they are clutter free which makes it easy to clan them and maintain them.

You can have your modular kitchen designed according to your preferred expectations. With modular kitchens and their flexibility it gets easy to personalize your kitchen according to your budget and needs. Its is your kitchen usage pattern and your precise requirements which play a big factor in designing the kitchen.

Top 5 Features of Proficient Custom Home Builders

Custom home building is diametrically opposite to general home building regarding its heart and soul. The fundamental processes of home building might be the same but the planning, conceptualization and most importantly the collaboration between the home builders and the homeowners play significant roles in the success of the project. If you are considering to build a custom home, you should know which features make the custom home builders exceptional!


Top 5 Picks

  1. The process of home building: As we have already mentioned while describing the fundamental differences between custom and general home building styles- one should know about the processes before, during and after construction stages. If the custom home builder has clear ideas about these separate stages- it is well and good.

  2. Proficiency: Experience and professional approach bring the difference in the quality of services. Thus, one of the biggest criteria is the years of experience in the industry. An inkling about their professionalism could be gathered from their prompt response to your queries or punctuality in meeting attendance and preparations for the meeting.

  3. Previous track record: The level of user satisfaction tells a lot about the quality of services. One could gather information on the track record via the business website of the home builders. However, a word of mouth is the best evidence.

  4. Compatibility level: How many points you give to the compatibility level purely depends upon your judgment after a few meetings. For the success of the project, it is highly important that the highest level of comfort is achieved. Sometimes you will find that even after getting all other things correct, somehow you are not compatible with each other.

  5. One-stop solution: Rather than searching multiple stores, people like to find everything in 1 place. They prefer the custom home builders who offer hands-on design, branded components and collaborate with proficient home designers and interior decorators.

When the question of choosing a builder for your custom home arises, you should take care of making the right selection. The success of your project depends on the quality of services offered by the builder. It is best that you do your homework. The main points of your homework should include the ideal processes followed by the builder, list of loyal customers, the compatibility issues and one-stop store facilities. In addition, you must ask the builder how much information will they share with the homeowners. The custom home building reflects your personality and therefore, a 100% involvement is expected on your parts.

Top 3 Elements to Consider for Kitchen Remodeling in Houston

Although there is no place for a mistake in the task of home remodeling, kitchen remodeling must be a well designed piece of architecture. In fact, along with the architecture, many other disciplines are associated with the production of an optimum result.

There is minimal scope for making a mistake while you renovate your kitchen in Houston. The studies have shown that around 20% of the entire cost of renovation is spent on kitchen remodeling. By keeping in mind the below-mentioned points, it is possible to avoid the costly renovation mistakes of a kitchen.

Top 3 Elements Of Kitchen Remodeling in Houston

Top 3 Elements to Consider for Kitchen Remodeling in Houston

1. Kitchen Design Theme: There are various types of kitchen design themes available in the market. However, going by expert opinion, one should not tamper with the fundamental theme of the home. If your home is designed following a modern or a traditional design theme, it is the best idea to keep intact the fundamental theme.

However, an aesthetic introduction of non-traditional elements into a traditional home design and the vice versa could bring a fresh change to your kitchen. Unless done by a proficient kitchen remodeling design service, these renovation tactics could go haywire. An amateurish approach could destroy the aesthetic and quality appeal of your kitchen design.

For a better insight, you could seek the assistance of a few of the renowned magazines and select some visually appealing themes. It will help you in your preparing for a comprehensive design theme.

2. Kitchen Products: Where to begin with your kitchen remodeling procedure is the hot topic. Some will start with kitchen products and it is a good way to begin your project. Kitchen products help you to define the kitchen remodeling budget. Your kitchen remodeling contractor will help you with the selection of different product brands so you could compare the features with the prices.

The kitchen products will also help you to define the design parameters. Suppose you want to keep a side-by-side refrigeration system. You need to define the space and dimensions to properly install it. If not planned with the proper precautions the appliances may not fit or have the required connections.

Around 50% of the allocated budget is set for the appliances and the cabinetry. The storage elements of the cabinetry play a vital role in the daily activities. Keeping appropriate storage places for cooking tools is very important for a efficient cooking experience inside your kitchen.

3. The Floor Plan: A kitchen floor plan is initially characterized by a well-defined work triangle. It consists of a preparation area, a cooking and a clean-up area. Herein, the ideal triangle concept is something where even when 3 people are working in the 3 separate areas simultaneously, their paths can ideally be avoided in crossing.

Given the modern trends, the advent of open kitchens has made it compulsory to keep in mind that guests might gather in the kitchens. This is more so when the open kitchens flow into the living areas. Thus, there should be the provisions for oversized supplemental eating areas and high bars with the kitchens. You should keep these aspects in your mind during the process of kitchen renovation.