How to Use Lights To Decorate Your Living Room?

You have decorated your living room to look classy and sophisticated. But what is the point if it is all going to be dark? Or rather, what is the point if it is going to be bright and hurts the eyes? Lighting plays an important role in how your living room appears. It might be credited as always, but lighting can affect the wall colors, the decor, the furniture, and even your mood. So, yes, if you thought one overhead source of light in the living room would suffice, it is time you go through this article.

The leading experts of Houston home remodeling have highlighted a simple but effective topic- how to use lights to decorate the living room? Already feel hooked? Then keep reading the following article.

Mix it Up

The idea here is to mix different types of lighting fixtures to make the room appear interesting. Multiple sources of light render to the room a dramatic effect, further making it look flexible. Add the fixtures in layers for more effect. Not only is this appealing to the eyes, but it is functional as well. You can change the lights according to your mood and the setting.

Pick Fixtures in Pair

Table lamps, when paired with floor lamps, look extremely classy. Pendants, when teamed with wall sconces, look exquisite. Chandelier with accent lights looks innovative. The idea here is to match one lighting fixture with other to bring about to the space balance and symmetry. You do not need to go over the top. Just pick lighting fixtures in pairs and put them up. Your living room will be illuminated with a new appeal.

Weirdly Shaped Wall Scones are the Best

Wall sconces add a sense of interest and drama to a wall, especially the one that is empty. To make your living room appear more spectacular, you can add wall sconces in various shapes and sizes. Since the extra addition of shape and size lends to the piece an extravagant appeal, it further allows the wall to look classy. Just a point to note, however, avoid cluttering the wall with the scone light. You need to let the sconce make its impact; cluttering too much will not help.

Create a Lighting Centerpiece

Yes, there have been numerous articles on how adding a centerpiece to the living room changes its prosthetics. But seldom do we focus or discuss the idea of using a lighting fixture as a centerpiece. A seemingly unique idea that balances both the need of a light source and a centerpiece, you must opt for one immediately. Go for an extravagant design that stands out in the room. Also, make sure that it has multiple types of lights installed to set different types of mood in the room.


Don’t Give up on the Overall Illumination

Just because you are using different sources of lights in the room doesn’t mean that you have to give up on the main source of light. Yes, using multiple sources of light is great for creating an appropriate mood, but you don’t want to bang into furniture every time you walk inside the room. So, you really need to create a source of light that illuminates the entire room. A chandelier or multiple pendants hanging from the ceiling work the best when you want to evenly distribute light in the entire room.

Illuminate the Corners

Placing an armchair and bookshelf in the corner of your living room can instantly turn that place into a cozy nook ideal for reading. But it won’t be complete without the appropriate lighting. Thus, opt for a classy floor lamp and illuminate the corner to render a calm spot vibe. This will also ultimately impact the rest of the room.

Make Your Artwork Shine

There is a reason why people hang artwork on their walls. Yes, beauty is a factor, but so is to get the art noticed by the people walking in. And how does it get people to notice it? By lighting it of course. You should always display your art collection with pride because the wonderful pieces deserve a lot of praise. There are various types of accent lights that you can opt for. From track lighting to spotlights, you can use a wide range of lighting fixtures. As long as it highlights the piece of art, you should (and must) use it.

So, ready to light up the living room? Keep these tips in mind and give your living room the right lighting treatment. You can seek assistance from home remodeling companies for tips and techniques.


Creating an Extravagant Monochrome Home

Did you always want a home that combined monochrome in an extravagant appeal? Then you should read more about how to achieve the same in your home and give it an amazing boost.

A monochrome look is bound to stand out. It looks bold, catches the eye and creates the right statement. Monochrome is everything classy and sassy put together. But most people think that choosing the path of monochrome can make their home look boring and dull. This misconception is primarily a result of getting certain facts about the monochrome wrong. First off, monochrome doesn’t include a stiff palette of black and white only. Monochrome primarily means one color that is presented to highlight different moods, values, and intensities. In simple terms, monochrome is different shades of the same color spectrum. Though to many, it may look stagnant, but the truth is that monochrome looks smart and has a classy appeal, which can seldom be ignored.

However, reputed builders in Houston have highlighted that to create the right impact with monochrome, you need to keep certain things in mind. To make sure that you get an extravagant monochromatic theme in your home here has been summarized some of a few tips. Keep reading to know more.

Start with a Smaller Space

If you want to excel in the monochromatic game, you need to begin small. Choose your playground well and start experimenting. Once you feel confident enough, you can move to the next place and so it goes. In fact, it is ideal to start with the bathroom and slowly move to the living room, kitchen, dining room and ultimately bedroom. Monochrome is all about adding dimensions to the rooms. Once you master that art, everything else will become easier. Also, when trying out monochrome in a small space, you have to be more careful about how you play with the colors. Too many shades will make the place look busy, while a single tone can have an overall calming effect. So, play it small to make sure that you succeed in the bigger ground.

Neutrals are Your Bestie

In monochrome, the color palette is as wide as the mind can get. Anything can work if you want to make it work. While black is often considered to be a bold choice, it can be overwhelming at times as well. So, what do you do? Pick neutral shades for your space. White, brown, gray, blue and even pastels can work for your home. In fact, you can put these shades in contrast. Monochrome is not about looking flat. So mix up the colors. Pick shades from the same spectrum of color and complement the entire room. Stick to a primary tone and use other tones from the same hue to add to the room. That is your game turf. That is what you need to do to win!

The Shape of Things

Monochrome to stand out needs a wide range of shapes and materials. It is the essential part you can’t overlook, especially if you have opted for a quiet palette like gray, white or brown. Neutrals definitely look amazing when creating a peaceful sanctuary, but with a tone so quiet, you need something to spice it up, and what else can be better than a variety of shapes scattered in the house. The shape can include anything from lamps to artwork, sculptures to even candlesticks. As long as it adds drama to space and makes it look exciting, it should be okay. You can also experiment with textiles in bright colors for that extra zing of accent.

Don’t be Scared

If the faint voice in your head keeps telling you that it won’t work, you need to shove it out and believe that it will. Monochrome seldom fails. Even if you are scared, it is fine. But do not let the fear take the best of you. Just focus on what you aspire and how wonderful you want the room to look. Go for subtle shades if you are not sure at all. This will provide you from making any mistakes whatsoever. If colors are too much for you, stick to black and white. The idea is to seamlessly integrate monochrome with your personal style. So, in the end, it is all about what suits you. Just be brave and be ready to experiment. Things will be just fine.

To conclude, monochrome is one of the best decors picks for your home if you want it to look amazingly luxurious and opulent. For assistance, you can seek the services of home construction contractors. Don’t contemplate. Pick a monochromatic theme of your choice and let your house be a class apart!