Choosing the Right Color for A Luxurious Bedroom: 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Coloring the bedroom is more difficult than you think. Not only the appeal but the mood of the bedroom also depends on the color you pick. So, keep in mind the right hacks and you might end up with selecting the right paint for your bedroom.

The bedroom is the most private space in your house that speaks much of your personal taste and preference. Designing it right to stand out is important. The bedroom of your house should not only be extravagant in its appeal but should also reflect the appropriate mood, warm and comfortable being the primary factors. Every aspect of your bedroom, from the furniture to the paint on the walls have a story to narrate, hence, deserve equal attention. While we pay a lot of attention to the furniture and decor placed in the room, but the paint gets neglected.

Though not credited enough, the paint on the wall plays a bigger role than you expect. It is the first thing that you see every morning you wake up. The paint is also responsible for holding every aspect of the bedroom together. So, if you want to create a luxurious abode, you need to pay attention to the paint. But how to pick the right color? It is a daunting task and there is no denying that.

Here are hacks that will help you put your thoughts together and pick the right shade for the walls. Want to know more about the hacks as proposed by the leading Houston general contractor service provider? Then here it goes.


Hack 1: Always Remember The Size Of Your Bedroom

This is the most significant factor that needs consideration because a lot depends on the size. A small bedroom painted dark will look smaller. A large room with too many colors will look like a mess. A larger bedroom can be experimented with bright hues, whereas a smaller version should have neutral paint on the wall to add a sense of openness. Check the size before you get to the final decision.

Hack 2: Your Overall Theme Should Be Reflected Through Paint

Are you a more traditional decor person? Or do you prefer the eclectic style? Maybe it is all about a sober interior! Whatever it is, your color scheme should be in sync with the overall theme of the space (or maybe even your house). Every color shade reflects a mood (and theme) therefore influencing the choice. For instance, green is associated with tranquility, whereas red is symbolic of passion. Muted shades of blue and gray add warmth to the room. Pick your theme and you can easily make a paint choice.

Hack 3: Do Not Forget To Take Into Consideration The Furniture

If you want to easily narrow down the paint for your bedroom, then you need to look at your furniture. The color scheme of your furniture will give you a good idea of what will hold all of it together. The color of the wall has to match the decor, so take into consideration the furniture before picking a color for the bedroom wall. Unless you are planning to change all the furniture in your bedroom, this should work just fine.

Hack 4: There Is No Skipping the Accents

You can pick the brightest color for your room or have a muted shade do the talking. But just one shade of color looks boring and dull, to be honest. For a spectacular finish, you need to opt for accents. Not only do these highlight the features of the room, but it gives the room an interesting appeal. However, you do not have to get a rainbow in the room. One accent wall can create an amazing charm. If that doesn’t work for you, opt for accent pieces like lighting fixtures, vibrant pillows and blankets. Whatever it might be, never skip the accents.

Hack 5: Sample It All Out

The best way to pick out a color for your bedroom is to try it out on the walls. Get sample colors of the final shades you have selected and paint it on a corner. The one that stands out and creates the most impact should be your ultimate choice.

Important: While the paint hacks ensure that your room looks fine, you have to remember that factors like lighting fixtures also play a pivotal role. For lighter shades like the entire pastel palette, opt for one ambient light and small task lighting fixtures. However, for a room that is painted in a muted hue, you need to incorporate an abundance of natural light, ambient lighting fixtures and a lot of accent fixtures. This will allow the room to feel comfier.

Keep all these hacks in mind before finalizing the bedroom paint. Your bedroom says a lot about you and having it right is of utmost importance. So, put some thought in the paint and transform the space into an opulent space. For further help, you can seek assistance from the luxury home builder Houston based at the cost-effective price range.


5 Interior Design Errors and How to Avoid These

Designing your house is not an easy job given that the mistakes are common. But to ensure that you don’t make the same errors, a summary of these have been made. Keep reading to know more.

Picking the right decor for your home is a struggle that can be seldom explained. From experimenting with the furniture to fighting over the color palette, the ordeal is real. And even a slight misjudgment can mess up the look of your home. So, if you don’t want to make expensive design mistakes, you should know how to fix them.

To boil things down for you here has been summarized five such design mistakes that are extremely common and their respective fix. Keep scrolling down to know more.

#1 Hanging artwork in an incorrect place

The right artwork definitely adds to the appeal of your home. However, even with the right piece to show-off, one simple mistake is inevitable- not knowing where to place the artwork. Like placing it over a pile of books in the room or hanging it in the hallway is not going to cut it. Incorrect placement of the artwork can ruin the appeal of your house completely.

The Fix:

Artwork should be placed subtly. This means that it should be kept in a place that is unexpected yet very visible. Also, do not hang the artwork too high or too low. It should be at eye level from where you are standing. This allows the artwork to be visible to the guests and create the statement you were originally trying to create. Test various locations in your house before you fix it permanently. This will help you get satisfying results.

#2 Using dark furniture in a small space

A space that is crunched can be difficult to design and there is no denying this fact either. However, the biggest mistake that most homeowners make is placing dark furniture in small rooms. Dark pieces may help make a luxurious statement, but in a room that is devoid of space, it can feel cramped and dingy.

The Fix:

If you want to make your place look extravagant, stop focusing on the total space you have. Your focus should be entirely on picking the light colored furniture for it adds a sophisticated aspect to the room. Light fabric and textures further complement the place, giving it an opulent finish. White, taupe and pale yellow should be your primary choice of color for the furniture if you have a space crunch.

#3 Following too many trends

Ask any remodeling Houston based contractors, and they will give you one advice- do not blindly abide by the trends. The trends in the interior design circuit change constantly. So what might be cool today, may become outdated tomorrow. This is a mistake that most of us make and needs to be avoided at all cost. Rather than following trends which do not complement your personal choices, you should sit down and ask yourself about the decor you want.

The Fix:

Be it the textures, the furniture, the colors or the fabric, everything that gets added to your house should be in sync with what you prefer. The aesthetic of the place has to be decided by you because you will be living in there. So, you get to decide what goes in and what does not. Stop following the trends, follow your heart, rather instincts in this case.

#4 Using incorrect lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures play an important role in the appeal of your house. This means that opting for the incorrect ones can completely ruin a space. According to experts, homeowners often misjudge the lighting fixtures. Using just one source of light in the room gives the space a very one-dimensional appeal. Overhead lighting always seems like the obvious choice, but it can be harsh and unflattering.

The Fix:

To create the right ambiance, it is important to opt for lighting fixtures which complement the room. For instance, using layers of light in the living room or in the bedroom adds to it a warm and comfortable finish. Table lamps or floor lamps, wall scones or task lighting, all are brilliant examples of lighting fixtures that can turn the place around by making it appear more intimate. Also, use white light instead of the fluorescent one to avoid the harsh environment it creates.


#5 Using greenery as an afterthought

One of the biggest crimes you can commit to the plants and to your house is forcefully adding these as an afterthought. When you add plants to the house, it is all about adding elements of life to space. Recklessly making addition without putting thought to it can ruin its beauty. Just sticking a bunch of branches and vases to the corner of a room doesn’t look cool at all. The organic texture of the plants when not placed properly gets ruined extensively.

The Fix:

Opting for indoor plants like fiddle-lead pigs, spider plants, lemon button ferns, snake plants and bonsai can instantly lighten up space. Also, these indoor plants are low maintenance, which means that you wouldn’t need to water them every day. Pick three or five varieties and place these strategically across a room to not only add a green texture to the house, but also liven up the place.

So, now that you know about the top design hacks and how to fix your mistakes, make sure you keep all of this in your mind and use these accordingly. You can employ reputed home remodeling Houston based contractors to fix your design flaws and bring about a spectacular symmetry to your house.