Remodeling The Bathroom? Here is How You Can Save Money on the Project

Remodeling the bathroom has numerous advantages. Not only does it add to the beauty and appeal of the space, it boosts the overall value of your house. Everyone wants their bathroom to feel like a spa. And sometimes, remodeling seems to be the right opportunity to make your bathroom your dream space, a place where you would like to unwind after a long and hard day. But here comes the catch! Most homeowners ignore remodeling the bathroom because of the costs it mounts to. Bathroom remodeling might sound like an expensive job to do, however, with the right tips and tricks you can save a lot of money. To boil things down for you here has been summarized a list of ways in which you can save money when reinventing the bathroom.


Get Your Plan Ready

Before you start remodeling the bathroom, you need to hire bathroom remodel Houston based contractor and sort out the design. Without a concrete plan to abide by, it would become difficult to proceed with the remodeling task. Also, having a plan can help assign the total budget. Having a professional on the team and getting with the remodeling work will get the job done faster and more efficiently. Having a professional plan helps you save time and money!

Don’t Mess With the Plumbing

Do not mess with the plumbing at all. Yes, you plan to renovate the entire space, but messing with the plumbing can add to your budget immensely. If you plan to relocate the toilet and bathtub, not only is it going to burn a hole in your pocket, it will also change the entire plan of the house. So plan your remodeling around the existing plumbing and save big money.

Go Vanity Hunting

In an antique store or the flea market, you will find vanities of various sorts. Go vintage furniture hunting and you might just find the vanity of your dreams. Often, these old vanities come with enough space to fit a sink, drawers to hide plumbing and be appealing at the same time. And guess what! You don’t need to shell out big bucks to buy these vintage vanities.

Find Alternatives to Tiles

You really don’t need to cover the entire bathroom, floor to ceiling, with tiles. They are expensive. So, start looking for alternatives like reclaimed wood and beadboard. Wood might need maintenance but it gives off a great appeal and doesn’t even cost much. Money saved, without compromising on the appeal of the bathroom.

Open Shelving All The Way

The bathroom is your private haven and can be designed whichever you want it. Open shelving is a great way to create an illusion of big space in the bathroom without spending a boatload of money. The amount of money you would spend on cabinets will be cut by half. You can use colorful towels, plants, pretty soaps and another bathroom décor to highlight the beauty of the place.

Thus, keep these points in mind and you will end up saving much more than you expect. Hire the best bathroom remodeling Houston based contractors and give your bathroom a fresh appeal without emptying your pocket.


Top 5 Trends to Turn Your Ordinary Living Room Luxurious

When people select a company for remodeling in Houston, they may do it for remodeling the bedroom, bathroom or the kitchen. But do you know that the living room is the first room in your house that defines your personality & individual taste? Going for luxurious designs at an affordable price is a great idea if your living room needs a revamp. Living room is that space in your house where you can do your important paper works, relax, read, the children can play & do their homeworks.


Before you go for remodeling your living rooms, it is important to analyse a few criteria for the ease of the job. Focus on the type of design you want, the available space, the pieces that can be kept in the room, things that are not required anymore, colour coordination & so on.

Let us look into some of the ways by which you can beautify the living room luxuriously:

  1. Hang a Large Artwork/Portrait– Living room is that space of your house where you can flaunt your artistic sense freely, provided it goes with the room. You can glam up the room by hanging an oversized painting, portrait or artwork that would also become the center of attraction for the room. You can get such artworks in markets at reasonable prices. The theme should be soothing to the eye like a scenery or a human figure, flower & so on. You can only opt for this if you have a large wall since hanging such a huge piece on a small wall will further reduce the available space & make the room appear smaller.
  2. Simplicity at it’s Best– That’s right. Many people have the misconception that the more you stuff articles in your living room, the more beautiful it looks. But that’s wrong. A room full of accessories will only make it look disorganised & unsophisticated. Remove the unnecessary articles & only keep the ones that increase the beauty of your room. Remember! The lesser the things, the more focus will be on those articles & it will make your living room look more spacious & sophisticated.
  3. Right Position for Keeping the Television- An essential component to make your living room look luxurious is placing a large television in the center. You can keep the television in a gallery wall or a salon-style art arrangement. This will give a luxurious touch to your living room while also become blended with the artwork.
  4. Use Interesting Fabric– Living room will obviously have a sofa or chairs with cushions as it is a place to relax. You can use antique fabrics to make covers for the chairs, sofas, cushions or stools. Also using such fabrics to create draperies would not be such a bad idea. Curtains & draperies undoubtedly bestow a glamorous look & will surely make your living space luxurious. For more details, you can contact your remodeling contractors in Houston.
  5. Include Sculptures– If you think your living room is becoming filled with excessive straight lines, introduce an interesting piece of sculpture like a medium sized porcelain figurine, tree-root coffee table or a large vase. If you keep a vase, you can also put some long artificial flowers inside it. But remember, such sculptures should be placed in the corner of the room. Such artistic ideas will not only bring out your sense of creativity but also give a new look to your old & simple living room.

Conclusion– Knowing the right ways to remodel your living room can enhance the beauty of your house. For this, you can avail the help of the remodeling companies in Houston.