6 Must-Have Accessories for A Luxurious Urban Home

The city-dwellers in Houston like opting for functional elements that add to the overall design and décor of their home without constricting the space. According to reputable home builders in Houston, most of these urban homes showcase an excellent display of multi-purpose furniture. However, there are still a few must-have accessories (read both convenient and attractive) that complete a modern house with a signature touch of lavishness. Here are mentioned a few of these accessories, without which the definition of a luxurious urban home would fall apart.

Home Builders In Houston

Tasteful Lamps

No urban home is complete without a nice, tasteful lamp. Let’s not forget versatile! Opt for multiple table lamps to create multi-layered lighting. Table lamps are functional and decorative, so using these in abundance to brighten up the corners of the room can help set the right mood and ambiance. Stand-alone floor lamps are magnificent decorative elements that can further add a layer to your home. It gives a sense of spaciousness and closeness in the room, especially if it is small with low ceilings.

A floor length mirror

A bold mirror in full-size can help make a dramatic statement, regardless of the space, they are kept in. While in a small room, it can create the illusion of space and continuity, in a large space it brings about symmetry and balance. Placing a floor-length mirror opposite the window is a great way to illuminate the entire room with bright, natural light. Also, letting the mirror stand against the wall is a great way to break the blandness of hanging it from the wall. Keep it in the bedroom to make a nice statement or in the hallway for a quick checkpoint, a floor length mirror can transform the aesthetic appeal of your home.

An oversized art

Oversized art pieces can be overwhelming but in a good way. There is something simple yet grandeur about oversized art. The impact created by a large artwork is similar (or sometimes even better) than numerous smaller versions placed together. Be it a framed photograph or a painting, these quickly become the cynosure of the eyes of the visitors. They are also great conversations starters with the guests. Stunning in singularity!

Floating Shelves

Vertical floating shelves are the best possible way to use precious space. In fact, these work best in places where bulky furniture might be an impediment, for instance, the hallway. Floating shelves look smart, sleek and chic. They also eliminate the feeling of using too much floor space. The floating shelves are excellent for storing your belongings. However, to give your home a more opulent and extravagant appeal, you can display decorative pieces on the shelves.

Area Rugs

The visual texture that a rug adds to the room is on a whole different level. Be it adding color or warmth to space, a rug ties the entire room together. It is like a piece of a puzzle that fits perfectly in your home décor. Rugs not only determine space but also distinguishes it. Since most modern apartments have an open floor plan, adding a rug or two to a big room can give it a distinct feeling. Adding solid dividers to the room can restrict its open and airy feeling. Thus adding colorful and soft rugs to the room makes it look like little blocks placed together in perfect symmetry.

Posh Plants

Living in a metropolis like Houston makes one starve for nature. But there is always a way out. Add more plants to your house! While plants act as an excellent decor, they also add a sense of color and freshness to space. A lush green plant gives your home an imaginative touch. Big and small, you can place these in pots and scatter them over the entire house, but where they get light and are visible. If you have space constraints, it is better to add one big plant rather than placing too many small pots. This will help you save space!

So, what are you waiting for? Invest in these pieces right now! Reputed Houston home builders suggest adding these urban décor pieces to the home for that unique and deluxe appeal. With these accessories, you can give your residence a lavish and magnificent aesthetics.



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