5 Tips to Get the Minimalist Design When Remodeling the House

The recurring use of the term “minimalism” has raised a lot of questions in the mind of the home owners. What is minimalism? What is a minimalist home? Why is it such a big deal?

To begin with, minimalism was an art movement that started post Second World War in the Western countries, focusing on New York and London. The movement was at its prime during the 1960s and 1970s. In recent times, it is a design trend in architecture where the subject is reduced to a few bare elements. Minimalism reduces the design elements to the core. Though the theme has been around since the 1980s, it was only recently it gained momentum.

With a space crunch and falling economic conditions, the millennial are opting for this simple yet effective design.

A minimalist home is categorized by its simplicity. Its predominant features include ample use of white elements, vast spaces and abundance of natural lighting with the minimal use of objects, furniture and accessories.

The main focus of a minimalist home is to focus on the function rather than emphasizing on form. These houses are effective, efficient and form the perfect sanctuary to relax after a long, tiring day.

If you have been planning to remodel your house, a minimalist decor might seem like a pretty smart choice to make. To remodel based on minimalism, you need to make extreme editing and careful planning. Since the aim is to de-clutter, you might just have to cut on certain things.

To help you remodel your house based on the minimalist design, here are a few tips to rely on.

Plan Your Storage Well

The best way to get rid of clutter is to hide them from the sight. So when remodeling your house, invest in proper cabinets and storage spaces. Ask your Houston remodeling contractors to construct a hidden storeroom or invest in furniture that comes with extra yet concealed storage spaces. This increases the functionality of your house while also giving it a beautiful finish.


Less is More

The entire concept of minimalism is based on “less is more”. You can use very little embellishments and accessories, and still, give your house a sophisticated appeal. Give away everything you don’t need, and stick to only the bare essentials. You can still have a small cabinet displaying your ornate collections, but it should be subtle and kept to the minimum.

Use Geometric Materials

Emphasize much on geometric forms to have a sense of clarity and openness. A symmetrical arrangement of the furniture will further add to the richness of the décor. Wood, concrete and glass are common elements used in minimalist remodeling projects to give a raw and natural appeal.

Use Natural Materials

Minimalism is about incorporating natural light into your home décor. Use lightweight curtains on the windows to allow the light to pass through the window. Rather than cluttering the floor with cupboards, use open shelves in a vertical arrangement to keep the room airy. Your aim is to make optimum use of the natural materials.

Neutral Paint is What You Need

The palette for a remodeled minimalist house should be light and simple. Colors schemes such as gray and beige sit well with the predominant white. Black is often used to add accents to the walls and furniture. To add a splash of colors to the room, you can use simple geometric paintings and house plants of different sorts.

Minimalist houses look sophisticated and charming. It is about creating a comfortable and functional interior that is aesthetically pleasing as well. To remodel your house with the elegant features of a minimalist interior decoration, get in touch with reputed remodeling contractors Houston based.