Ways to Deal with Common bathroom problems

If you are unable to use your bathroom properly, it means that there are problems in it. Things like wobbly toilet seats, clogged or slow tub drains is a source of a lot of annoyance to the home owners. You may do the needful to solve bathroom problems.


Bathroom remodeling tips need not always be expensive or difficult. There are a lot of simple and easy things that one can do to have a functional bathroom.

Get rid of the clogged shower head
Do you think that water from the shower is not coming out with full force? Perhaps, the showerhead is clogged partially. Well, here the main culprit is mineral deposit. Use vinegar solution to get rid of the clog.

Do away with the wobbly toilet seat
If nuts of toilet seat bolts seem loose and you keep tightening them, you need to do something about it. Buy a toilet seat tightening kit which is an inexpensive solution to all your problems. Check your nearest home improvement store to find a tightening kit. The kit also comes equipped with a special tool which allows you to install washers that helps in keeping the nuts and bolts secure.

Do away with the slippery shower
It is good to install a shower seat for the ones who have mobility problems in the home. Family members may sit down and relax on the seats. Buy only foldable seats as they are space-saving solutions.

What to do with a slow sink and tub?
If the tub or sink is clogged, make use of sink cleaning kit. Buy from a local hardware store. Get a Zip-It tool from your local hardware store and use it to clean all the gunk and accumulated waste materials.

Houston Bathroom remodeling can be undertaken in various ways. You can increase the space in your small bathroom by opting for open shelving. This will allow you to store all your linen in one place. Opt for towel racks or towel hangers.

Install mirrors in the bathroom to make it look more spacious. This creates a very interesting illusion of space when installed in the correct positions.

For lighting, you can for sconces beside the vanity mirror and small ambient lighting to make for a comfortable glow.

By following the above sections, you may resolve problems in the bathroom. Get in touch with a bathroom renovator to organize your bathroom and resolve the common issues. A reliable contractor can do the needful at affordable rates. Make sure he has years of experience in the task.