The Significance of a General Contractor

The definition of a general contractor sounds simple. In reality, it is not! There are niche categories of this service contractor. Some offer services to build or renovate residential homes in Houston; some build commercial real estate properties; some build industrial units, whereas some build institutional properties. The significance of a general contractor is felt when you start building a new home or begin a major remodeling task.


Here in this article, we will particularly focus on residential remodeling and construction. General contractors in Houston are commonly thought as for developing a construction plan and hiring subcontractors for performing requisite project work. The major question for an owner is when to recruit a general contractor? Let us discuss the matters in detail!

Benefits of Recruiting a Certified Licensed General Contractor in Houston

The first question to ask yourself is does my project require the services of a general contractor? Does the task require multiple trade contractors? Is there a high level of unknown risk or financial exposure associated with the project? To effectively answer these questions, you should know the responsibilities and associated risks with your home remodeling and construction project.

General contractors need to continually improve through continued education. They must know about the latest updates in building codes, contract law and insurance requirement changes. Otherwise, they would be dealing with outdated knowledge that leads to exposure of additional cost and systemic risk. One on the most important task of a general contractor is to mitigate the project risk. Though Texas does not make it mandatory for the general contractors to get licensed or receive a certification, proficient and reputable service providers generally hold a degree or two to amplify their efficiency. You cannot expect this much of professionalism from amateurs.

How to Determine the Qualifications of a General Contractor?

The best way to select a general contractor is to evaluate his/her past projects. Page through the official website and particularly focus upon the ‘Portfolio’ page. One should look forward to the general contractors who implement trendiest home designs with a 100% success rate!

The next step is to go through the ‘Testimonial’ page thoroughly. What say the previous clients? How far are they satisfied with the work culture of the general contractor and his/her team? It is better to search for word-of-mouth reviews from authentic sources. The credibility of such reviews is more than anything else.

The Risks Associated with the Responsibilities of General Contractors

The business model followed by a general contractor is associated with different types of systemic and non-systemic risks. Either general contractors need to hold specialization in the fields of finance, contract laws, basics of trade contracting and lien laws or they need to recruit experts from these sectors.

All the above-mentioned sectors have their own sets of risks, so leaving a project in the hands of a novice is substantially increasing the owners exposure financially and placing the project at a higher risk of some degree of failure. This is one of the biggest reasons why you need the intervention of a qualified (and preferably a licensed) contractor for either home remodeling in Houston or construction of a new home. Hiring a general contractor means you get quality services in a small time and by minimizing the risks.