Which are the Different Categories of Remodeling Contractors?

What is the big deal in selecting a remodeling contractor? Well, it is a big deal because like other services, there are many different categories of remodeling contractors. A little bit of knowledge regarding them will help you select the ideal remodel contractor in Houston. Take a look:


  • Pick-up truck remodeler: The general term for the sole craftsmen business model is the pick-up truck remodeler. It is also known by the name of Chuck in a Truck. These remodel contractors are mostly tradesmen who have learned their skills from the practical work of the trade and after a few years have started their own business. Such remodeling contractors work singlehandedly for daily wages. They do not maintain a crew. That is why you should not expect a proper business structure or workers’ insurance policies from them.

Such remodelers offer handymen services along with small projects of home repair. You can judge their business integrity based on the references offered by your relatives or friends. If you want to save your personal labor on DIY methods, appoint them.

  • Small crew craftsmen remodeler: Unlike the pick-up truck home remodelers, the small crew craftsmen remodelers have recruited a few craftsmen over the time. They may possess a single or multiple crews, however, there are some restricting factors that limit their process of growth. The biggest demerits are the business owners lack of knowledge and poor management skills.

In addition, when left unsupervised, some issue might ensue among the team members. It could prove as a disaster for the successful completion of the project. For simple projects of home addition, it is fine to appoint a small crew craftsman remodeler. However, if the project is comprised of difficult tasks, you should proceed with caution. Instead, rely on the experts.

  • Professional remodeler: As the name suggests, professional remodelers are capable of controlling small, medium and large crews. They run highly organized business modules. They run multiple projects, manage multiple contractors as well as subcontractors. The business processes they run monitor the quality and performance of the service. Its 100% focus stays with customer satisfaction.

The best advantage with the hiring of professional remodelers is that you get one-stop solutions. They do business with a team of professionals like landscape architects, home designers, attorneys and decorators.

  • Enterprise remodeler: Once professional remodelers, the enterprise remodelers are large scale replacement services. They are attached to national or international level franchise. They possess multiple offices and recruit dedicated representatives. The contractors or sub-contractors report to the company construction manager.

There are some merits over the professional remodelers. In some cases, the cost of service may be lower than the professional remodelers but this is more than the small crew craftsmen remodeler and pick-up truck remodeler.

The projects involving home remodeling in Houston should be authorized under the supervision of experts. Your project goals are about a guarantee for the successful completion of your remodeling project. The comparison will help you choose the right service provider.