Custom Family Room Remodeling For The Senior Citizens

If you have senior citizens in your home, you know that they have different requirements. If you are considering to remodel your home, think about the senior members. Custom home builders located in Houston, Texas can help you remodel a room for the senior members of your family.

Tips to remodel a senior member’s room

1. White is not the universal wall paint color: Being a senior citizen does not mean an absence of color from life. Many custom home designers stick with the basics and prefer to paint the walls in white color. However, just like other aspects of the custom home remodeling process, it is advised to ask the senior relatives about their preferred wall paint color. Except for the white color, you can use cream, off-white, sky-blue, beige, purple lace or French lilac.

One can paint the walls with multi-colors or mono colors. In any way, take care of one most important thing that one must choose the color of the wall paint based on the availability of light in the room. If it is a brightly lit room or there is ample availability of sunlight, you may go with a darker shade.

2. Give attention to the floor condition: Another most important thing while remodeling a custom room for the senior relatives is to give appropriate attention to the floor condition. A slippery floor could compromise the safety of aging seniors. We tend to lose agility and control over motor nerves that guide our movement. You should carefully evaluate this matter while remodeling the attached bathroom, used by the senior members.

While remodeling the custom family room for the seniors, it is advised not to install the extreme or super polished porcelain floor tiles. These tiles can enhance the beauty of the family rooms but can be highly dangerous for the movement of the senior members.

Fully carpeting the floors is a good option to keep the seniors safer. It offers a little cushioning effect to reduce the level of injury from trips and falls. In the matters of floor material, it is better to use cork floors that are softer and hence in the event of a fall, it minimizes the level of injury.

3. Use comfortable furniture pieces: Placing comfortable sofas inside the family rooms meant for the seniors is always a good idea. During the course of the day, most of the seniors take an occasional nap, which is also a healthy habit for them. Keeping comfy easy or rocking chairs inside the room is a smart idea so that they could take a nap while watching TV or reading books or newspaper. Such small improvisations can make a big difference.

Keeping in mind the growing age of the senior members of your family, you should install all safety measures while remodeling their rooms. Your custom home builders can give valuable suggestions in this regard. You can trust the expertise of the Houston based home remodeling services who have many years of experience in this industry.